Plusvital Racing Syrup, Energene Q10, Plusvital Hoofcare are among some of the worlds most trusted products. When it comes to Plusvital's range of horse supplements, they are well ahead of their time.

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Plusvital Racing Syrup 5L
Plusvital Hoof Care 2.5L
Plusvital Iron Syrup 5L
Plusvital Electrolyte Plus 15Kg
$269.00 $220.00
Plusvital Breeding Syrup 5L
EnerGene Q10 - 1.5Kg
$368.00 $349.00
Plusvital Shampoo 1L
Plusvital Racing Syrup 20 Litre
$512.00 $468.00
Plusvital Re-Zest 5pack
Plusvital Shampoo 2.5L

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