At Amacron we work side by side with Vets to support their great work. We supply a growing range of horse vet supplies, ranging from horse wound care to horse feed supplements.

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Alushield Aerosol Bandage
Equizal Natural Barrier Cream
Cotton Wool 1 X 40cm - 500g

The Vetericyn products are the next generation line of animal health care solutions. Vetericyn is a pH-balanced solution used for purging, moistening, conditioning, debriding and preparing the wound for optimal healing conditions. This Vetericyn is a very useful product in all veterinary practices as it can be used in surgeries and can be applied to any area as it does not irritate the cells. In simple terms – Vetericyn is an engineered saline with kill properties.

Vetericyn wound care contains a super-oxidized hypochlorous (HOCL) solution. Hypochlorous acid is a substance your white blood cells produce, used to fight infection and oversee the repair process. By creating this manufactured type of the hypochlorous molecule, which is not acidic and has a safety profile the same as saline which does not damage, good, healthy tissue, will not cause pain when applied to wounds or skin irritations, results in us having a product which is totally safe to use around eyes, ears and mouth.

Our horse vet supplies range also includes cohesive bandages, cotton wool for wounds, Alushield spray on bandage, Equizal barrier cream and more.

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