Border Line

Border Line is extremely strong (does not contain steel wire inside) and makes a sturdy and durable fence, but gentle - making it perfectly suited to equine fencing. Installation of a Border Line fence greatly reduces the risk of horse injuries. Steel wires used in fencing are the main cause of injuries to horses worldwide, using Border Line eliminates this risk. The material used to manufacture Border Line is a high tensile nylon and can be strained with and will keep it's tension.


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What is Border Line?

The first and most important point to make is that Border Line fencing wire does not contain any steel. When it comes to fencing for horses, you need to keep away from high tensile steel wire, because a huge percentage of accidents with horses and fences, involve HT steel wire.

Horses are a sensitive animal that is highly tuned to dangers and if they get a fright or feel like they are in danger they can suddenly bolt in any given direction if there is a fence in the way – they can run right through the fence. Horse fencing is, therefore, a major cause of accidents and deaths to horses. Remember that horses in their natural environment are not meant to be fenced in.

While Border Line Fencing wire is very strong, it is flexible and forgiving, this means that it can flick out the way of a horse in panic mode. Border Line horse fencing wire is strong enough to provide a sturdy barrier, but not strong enough to cut into a horse.

Another advantage of the Border Line fencing wire is that is has a memory, so you strain it up on the fence and it retains that strain. So if a tree falls on the fence, the tree will push the fence flat on the ground, you can then go cut up the tree and Border Line sighter wire will flick back into the original position – as good as new.

The second most important feature of the Border Line fencing is that it is white in colour, this white colour reflects the light and is very visible for the horse. This again has been proven to reduce accidents and injuries, because the horse is more likely to see this bright white strand, as opposed to a grey colour steel wire.

You can use Border Line as a complete 4 or 5 wire fence, however, for added safety we do recommend that you run an electric fencing rope like the Equirope, near the top of the fence, to keep the horses from playing with the fence and to teach them respect for the fence.

Border Line fencing wire can also be used as a top strand sighter wire, to make an existing fence more visible.

Border Line fencing wire was developed by Amacron in 2001 and is now sold internationally and is regarded as a very safe method of horse fencing.

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