GUT HEALTH PLUS We love this product - We have used GNF pallets for many years now and loved how much it helped our horses however the gut health Plus has taken it to a new level. The horses look healthy and many of the usual signs of ulcers have gone. We will keep all the performance horses on the Gut Health plus and have encourage many others to start their horses on it too! > The fussy horses in our stables also love to eat it so that is a big positive! Ulcers are an ever increasing issue amongst all stables with how to manage and prevent, Gut Health Plus has proven with us that it is an essential supplement to maintain optimum Gut health and ease stress levels for the horses that would typically result in severe ulcer symptoms.

PLUSVITAL SPORTS SYRUP Sports Syrup - The horses really liked the taste and were happy to eat it from the first feed - Have not noticed much of a difference in the horses condition, behaviour etc (we did use it on horses who were in top condition) . Our horses are on performance type hard feed however so many of the vitamins and minerals are received through these feeds. This sports syrup may be more beneficial to horses that are not on such a high quality feed and who may be lacking something in their diet

ENERGENE-Q10 Energene - Q10 - We noticed the FEI dressage horse (Aurum Walter) who was put on this supplement definitely fatigued less in his higher intensity training sessions and was able to maintain good energy in his work. The difference in energies was extremely noticeable with the before and after use of the Energene Q10. It did not heat him up or create unnecessary fiz or spook which is great. We really think this is a great supplement for horses in intense training who need to be able to maintain high energy levels without feeling "hot and tense" . This product is definitely one for all riders who ride at a high level to consider using with their top horses. No negative symptoms or withdrawal symptoms occurred upon stopping the supplement while Walter had a break over Christmas.

Cool it powder Two things I have to say. Product is great. Service is great! LOL nothing more to add. :-) -Oliver Evans

Molly Barry talking about GNF "GNF keeps all my horses happy, they travel well and stay settled at events and in unfamiliar circumstances, they maintain a healthy appetite and their mood stays even and trainable" -Molly Barry

Alushield Service was second to none and product was AMAZING!!!!!! Have recommended it to my friends. Sure can and I also forgot to mention that I was recommended this by a friend as we were going away for the Easter break and I was worried about her wound in the long moist grass. I had a another friend spray it on every couple of days and the result when I got back was amazing!!!! -Karen Hill

Alushield Delivery fast, service excellent and the product worked really well will definitely recommend the product and yourselves. -Deb Lewis

Alushield Absolutely love it, I will never be without a tin of it. I have also recommended it to other people. I am not sure if they have ordered any yet? -Niki

Cool It Powder Yes love the product. Works really well. So edxcited for my daughter and her Romeo now we have found this.. he suffered quite a bit with anxiety when on his own.. I was put onto it by a friend who swears by it.. Now I do too!! Postage and service was excellent.. Quick and easy. Thanks so much. -Donna Caon

Cool It Paste Just want to say I absolutely loved the Cool It paste! I used it on my young team at Canberra Royal & they were so calm in the electric atmosphere, but still had enough "pop" to show themselves off! Will definitely be stocking up over winter for the major shows at the end of 2016. Thank you. -Rachel Molloy East & Molloy Family Show Team

GNF & Calphormin Thank you, very happy with products. The GNF is terrific, has made a massive difference. Great service/delivery. Thanks -Jessica McDonald

Shane Rose talking about GNF "For me, the main reason I use it is to avoid stomach ulcers, so that I don't get into a situation where the horses go off their feed, as a prevention to any problems you going to get, it just keeps them healthy" -Shane Rose

Molly Barry talking about Curragh Carron Oil "I feed Muso Curragh Carron oil, which is what gives him his beautiful shine on his coat" -Molly Barry

Jared Wehlow's experience with Curragh Carron Oil "The curragh carron oil would be one of the best if not the best product I've used. Amazing what it does to fillys that the tie up. Have not had one tie up since I started using it." -Jared Wehlow

Janelle Pitts talking about Hoofmaker "I am currently using HOOFMAKER and am very impressed with the product. You can clearly notice a healthy growth line in the hoof as the new strong healthy hoof develops. I have used many other hoof products over the years and have found that the HOOFMAKER is by far the most effective and user friendly product on the market." Endorsed by Janelle Pitts - 4 Star Event Rider and Member of the Eventing Shadow Team for Beijing Olympics 2008." -Janelle Pitts

A story from Frank from Eliza Park "I have used the CALPHORMIN on my yearlings and found it to be exceptional. We tried it on a couple of yearlings with splints, and it was unbelievable, the splints literally disappeared. This is an excellent product for bones, I fully recommend it" -Frank Oliver—Eliza Park

Feedback from Mick Gleeson "Just a thank you for the excellent service on my recent purchase of electric fence equipment" -Mick Gleeson, Mareeba

Gut Health Plus For the past 12 months I have struggled with gastric ulcers in Destano II. I have tried a lot of products on the market with none being able to fix the issue. It seemed like only way to keep things under control was with the super expensive Omeprazole in high doses. Not great for the bank balance. That's when i decided to try Gut Health Plus and I have been so impressed with the results. The past two gastric scopes have showed no ulcers and a healthy looking gut. Even after a double course of antibiotics things were still good, which is amazing as before this would of sent his system into meltdown. I can highly recommend this product if you have been struggling like me with keeping your horses gut healthy and happy as these drought conditions are really effecting our four legged friends due to the lack of grass and ability to graze.

Gut Health Plus My young horse is quite quirky, he would very easily become unsettled, would buck and kick up at my leg. I put him on a course of ulcer shield and his behaviour dramatically changed, he was calm, happy in himself. Once the course had finished I hadn’t put him on anything else and he reverted to his old ways within a week. I started him on gut health plus as I wanted a more affordable and natural product to help his stomach and within 2 weeks I’ve seen a massive change in him. He has gone back to his happy riddle self, he no longer stresses at shows and the bucking has stopped, and now his coat has also improved and has a lovely shine to it, he is a much happier horse! I am over the moon in the improvement I’ve seen in him and I’m much happier that he is on something this is firstly more sustainable cost while but most importably more natural for his gut!

Hannah Klep   June 20, 2019

Hannah Klep recommends COOL IT+MAG her words- "Reprieve living his Cool it supplement this morning before dressage this afternoon! I highly recommend this product if your horse gets tense or anxious out at competitions👌"

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