Much as human athletes, horses can sweat profusely when they’re under pressure from hard work, exercise, racing, competing, etc. Any strenuous activity can cause the animal to work up a sweat, losing vital body salts in the process. Although we can replace the body salts (electrolytes) lost, it is important not to ignore the significant volumes of water perspired. Dehydration is the main consequence of inadequate water intake, resulting in a reduced fluid content in the blood. This means that there is less fluid in the circulation and the heart must pump faster to compensate, leading to an increased heart rate, consequently lowering the horses’ endurance and negatively affecting its overall athletic performance.

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As we have said, salt loss can affect blood pressure, muscle performance and heart and kidney function, leading to deterioration in performance and possibly in health. The solution is usually supplementation and thankfully the horses’ electrolytes (salts) can easily be supplemented. The minerals sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium collectively are termed “electrolytes” and these are included in the best electrolyte replacer supplements for horses, in a balanced ratio.

A typical horse would normally be expected to consume about 45-100 litres of water per day depending on its level of work or exercise, the prevailing climate, and its forage intake. Automatic drinkers make light work of the monitoring of the daily water intake and are ideally suited to the measuring of the intake of individual horses. Traditional water buckets are more difficult unless they incorporate a water meter of some kind. Ad lib access to clean fresh water is essential and avoiding extreme water temperature is good practice. Maintaining a clean water bowl and checking for contaminants is vitally important.

Amacron Equine have a range of electrolytes and salt replacers ready for dispatch, each of which is designed to help your horse recover the vital mineral salts it needs. These supplements are intended to improve your horse's performance, prevent painful muscle cramps, and lead to a reduction in tying up. If your horses are in work hard, make sure you place an order for our electrolytes and salt replacers today on 1300 791 653.

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