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At Amacron Equine, we carry a full range of horse supplements, developed to take care of all your equine needs. In this category, you can find products for hoof support, muscle development, and gastric health. This section takes care of all areas of horse health, inside and out.

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Gut Health Plus 3Kg

Horses today have become domesticated, they no longer roam free in large paddocks and eat grass all day, most sports horses are now kept in stables and fed additional feed to boost their athletic performance, it is required to carefully balance their diet as they were not made to live like this.

Feed balancers like the Plusvital Racing Syrup have been carefully formulated to contain all the essential nutrients that a horse would need to be included in its daily diet.

We exercise them, race them, jump them and all these activities use much more energy than normal therefore extra feeding is required to supply the extra energy required.

All this additional exercise also causes a lot more wear and tear, like hoof damage, joint damage and many other stresses on the body.

It is very important to carefully consider what type of exercise your horse is doing and how this could impact upon its health. There is one problem that all horses experience, regardless of the discipline, and that is digestive health issues. A large percentage of race horses suffer from EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome), and all other disciplines have some type of digestive related issues which are prevalent.

The saying goes “the horses gut is their second brain”…this is so true – showing the importance of a healthy digestive system.

Digestive Health in horses is a major problem because, as mentioned above, the horse has been taken out of its natural habitat and does not have access to pasture at all times. This results in a build-up of stomach acid, as a horse continuously processes stomach acid. This in turn results in pain caused by excessive acid. Therefore at Amacron our most popular product is the Gut Health Plus. This horse supplement has been developed to reduce acid in the stomach and effectively keep the entire digestive system in good health.

Muscle health is so important as most of these horses are doing very strenuous work and their muscles need extra nutritional help in order to recover properly and to avoid muscle damage. The Vita-E-Plus is to aid with muscle recovery and reduce muscle cramping. (Tying up)

It is essential to monitor the blood reading of a horse as strenuous exercise can influence the hemoglobin count in the blood, if this is not rectified with our Plusvital Iron Syrup, your horse could become very lethargic and weak.

Many other areas of equine health are affected by our domestication of this animal, extending to bone strength, joint health, hoof care, respiratory health, vascular health and many other areas.

Amacron Equine is here to help you get your horse feeding regime right and to provide you the best horse supplements. Give us a call on 1300 791 653 and speak to one of our helpful team or send us an email using our contact form, tell us about your horse and what problems you are facing – we love to help you get your horse in good health and fine form.

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