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    Horse Wormers

    There are many types of worms, namely - strongyles, roundworms, tapeworm, pinworms, Lungworms, Threadworms and bots, we will try and help you understand how best to manage the deworming program for your horse.

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    Always go by your veterinary recommendations and FEC (Faecal Egg Count) readings to determine which wormer to use, however if you have not been able to get this done, we recommend the following:

    Adult horses:

    Use Ammo All Wormer or Equimax All Wormer every 6 months for 12 months. (make sure you use Equimax every now and again as it is the only wormer we have effective against tapeworms).

    Then switch to Strategy-T and Ammo Rotational Wormer, every 6 months for the next 12 months. Then back again to the first set of wormers.

    Foals and Weanlings:

    Use Ammo Rotational wormer for the first worming treatment at about 3 months and again at 6 months. At 9 and 12 months use the Virbac Equimax.