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    We supply complete kits for a 60 x 20 meter and a 40 x 20 meter arena fencing, which features 3 sturdy PVC rails. This system is completely UV stable and easy to install.

    PVC Arena

    60 Meter X 20 Meter - 3 Rail Kit (no gate included) - $5551.00

    40 Meter X 20 Meter - 3 Rail Kit (no gate included) - $4328.00



    This is a permanent arena fencing, which is fixed into the ground. This system is very easy to install, all that is required is holes need to be drilled with a 180mm diameter post hole driller - 600mm into the ground at a spacing of 2.4 meters apart, the posts are then put in place and the dirt compacted back in around the post. The standard kit price does not include any gates, but we can supply
    these separately.

    Due to the weight and size of this order, we will need to quote of freight before proceeding through checkout.