About Us

Amacron Equine - The Story how we become well known in the market for providing the very best in Horse feed supplements and Equine Health Care products.


Our Story

Amacron Equine is an Australian owned and run business committed to providing superior quality horse supplements and equine health care products, and excelling in service to the Equine industry.

After many years of scouring the market we have a great range of proven horse supplements, which are extremely effective. This is a continuing process of development and we continue to look for the best of the best to help our clients in the management of equine health care issues. These proven products are backed up by many hours of trialling and we have significant client feedback on actual results achieved.

We have extensive experience in dealing with Equine health issues for Trainers, Owners, Studs and sports horse enthusiasts throughout Australia and New Zealand, our main focus is targeting the horses specific nutritional needs.

​Amacron Equine is dedicated to supplying and continuing to develop the very best in Equine Nutritional Supplements.  We understand that your horse is loved by you and worth a lot of money and also understand that you would like to see its full potential. By targeting your horses specific nutritional needs will allow your horse to show you its full athletic potential.

​We focus on providing SAFETY, WELLBEING AND COMFORT for horses and therefore also supply stable products like rubber matting, poly feeders and drinkers, wound care products, amoungst other products.

​We offer an exceptional delivery service on of our products, and ship Australia wide.

​We are situated in Beresfield, NSW - which is situated in Newcastle, NSW.


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