Haygain Repairs

Haygain Steamer Repair Fees

We trust that your Haygain Steamer is delivering optimal performance. In case you encounter any issues, please follow our recommended steps for resolution:

Choose either to:

1. Local Electrician Assistance: If you suspect an electrical issue, we suggest consulting a local electrician for an assessment and potential repair. The cost of this will be yours.

2. Or you can choose to return the Haygain to us for Assessment: Send the steamer to our address at Unit 3, 6 Parish Drive, Beresfield, NSW, 2322. While you as a customer are responsible for the freight cost, we kindly request a copy of the freight receipt for our records, in case it is a warranty claim.

Assessment Process:

Common Repair Fees:

Return Freight: Customers will be responsible for the return freight cost, which will be charged at the actual cost to us. This is if the repair is not a warranty claim.

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