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  • *** VX100 Bandages ***
    Hello Tanya, Thank you for your email. I have not had a need to use the bandages as yet, thankfully. The delivery was speedy – impressive. The service that I received was professional and exact.
    Thank you, Helen Perez

  • *** Alushield ***
    Hello Tanya, Service was second to none and product was AMAZING !!!!!! Have recommended it to my friends. Sure can and I also forgot to mention that I was recommended this by a friend as we were going away for the Easter break and I was worried about her wound in the long moist grass. I had a another friend spray it on every couple of days and the result when I got back was amazing !!!!
    Cheers, Karen Hill

  • *** Alushield ***
    Hi Tanya, Delivery fast, Service excellent and the product worked really well will definitely recommend the product and yourselves.
    Cheers, Deb Lewis

  • *** Alushield ***
    Hi Tanya, Absolutely love it, I will never be without a tin of it
    I have also recommended it to other people, I am not sure if they have ordered any yet?

  • *** Cool It Powder ***
    Two things i have to say. Product is great. Service is great! Lol nothing more to add. :-)
    Oliver Evans

  • *** Cool It Powder ***
    Hi there, Yes love the product. Works really well. So excited for my daughter and her Romeo now we have found this..he suffered quite a bit with anxiety when on his own... I was put onto it by a friend who swears by it.... now i do too!! Postage and service was excellent. .. quick and easy
    Thanks so much, Donna Caon

  • *** Cool It Paste ***
    Hi Tanya, Just want to say I absolutely loved the Cool It paste! I used it on my young team at Canberra Royal & they were so calm in the electric atmosphere, but still had enough "pop" to show themselves off! Will definitely be stocking up over winter for the major shows at the end of 2016.
    Thanking You, Rachel Molloy East & Molloy Family Show Team

  • *** GNF & Calphormin ***
    Thank you, very happy with products. The gnf is terrific, has made a massive difference . Great service/delivery.
    Thanks, Jessica McDonald