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Horse Supplements & Horse Supplies

At Amacron Equine, we carry a full range of horse supplements, developed to take care of all your equine needs. In this category, you can find products for hoof support, muscle development, and gastric health. This section takes care of all areas of horse health, inside and out. View Catalogue

Amacron Reviews

Stuart Archibald
We have used Gut Health Plus pallets for many years now and loved how much it helped our horses however the gut health Plus has taken it to a new level. The horses look healthy and many of the usual...
Stuart Archibald
The horses really liked the taste and were happy to eat it from the first feed - Have not noticed much of a difference in the horses condition, behaviour etc (we did use it on horses who were in top...
Stuart Archibald
ENERGENE-Q10 Energene - Q10 - We noticed the FEI dressage horse (Aurum Walter) who was put on this supplement definitely fatigued less in his higher intensity training sessions and was able to maintain good energy in his work. The difference...
Cool it powder Two things I have to say. Product is great. Service is great! LOL nothing more to add. :-) 
Molly Barry talking about GNF "GNF keeps all my horses happy, they travel well and stay settled at events and in unfamiliar circumstances, they maintain a healthy appetite and their mood stays even and trainable"
Alushield Service was second to none and product was AMAZING!!!!!! Have recommended it to my friends. Sure can and I also forgot to mention that I was recommended this by a friend as we were going away for the Easter...
Alushield Delivery fast, service excellent and the product worked really well will definitely recommend the product and yourselves.
Alushield Absolutely love it, I will never be without a tin of it. I have also recommended it to other people. I am not sure if they have ordered any yet? 
Cool It Powder Yes love the product. Works really well. So edxcited for my daughter and her Romeo now we have found this.. he suffered quite a bit with anxiety when on his own.. I was put onto it by...


About Us

Horse Supplements & Horse Supplies

Horses today have become domesticated and due to the fact they are kept in stables and fed additional feed to boost their athletic performance, it is required to carefully balance their diet as they were not made to live like this.

Horses naturally should just roam free in the big wide pastures; however, we exercise them, race them, jump them and all these activities use much more energy than normal therefore extra feeding is required to supply the extra energy required.

Amacron is here to help horses by providing a range of Horse Supplements and other health benefiting horse supplies to treat and alleviate some of the ailments that horses suffer from due to their domestication and use as an animal of sport.

Digestive Health in horses is a major concern as horses are not eating as much roughage as they normally would, so the Gut Health Plus Horse supplement has been developed to effectively keep the entire digestive system in good health.

Worms in horses are an ongoing problem, again due to the fact of concentrated numbers of horses in paddocks and Amacron supplies a range of Horse Wormers to control worms.

Here is a short list of some of the interventions we can help you with:

  • Nebulizer for horses with respiratory problems.
  • Rubber matting to provide comfort in the stable for your horse.
  • Full Range of Horse Supplements to assist with almost all medical conditions your horse may have.
  • Paddock Shelters, to provide needed shade for your horse.
  • Safe Fencing materials to use as an alternative to standard steel wire - to reduce injuries that horses could experience.
  • Hay Steamers to provide safe and clean hay for your horse.
  • Massage boots, rugs and devices to treat pain and injuries in horses.
  • Bandages and wound care to treat wounds.

Muscle health is so important as most of these horses are doing very strenuous work and their muscles need extra nutritional help in order to recover properly and to avoid muscle damage.

It is essential to monitor the blood reading of a horse as strenuous exercise can influence the hemoglobin count in the blood, if this is not rectified with our Iron & B12 Horse Supplements the horse could become very lethargic and weak.

Many other areas of a horse’s health are affected by our domestication of this animal, extending to bone strength, joint health, hoof care, respiratory health, vascular health and many other areas – therefore a complete range of Horse Supplies and Horse supplements has been acquired by Amacron Equine to help the Equine industry.

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