Hoof Health Plus 3Kg

Hoof Health Plus - 3Kg      Extra Strength Hoof & Coat Support for All Horses For horses needing support in short-term hoof repair or the long-term maintenance of hoof, skin and coat health. WHY HOOF HEALTH PLUS? HOOVES They...

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Hoof Health Plus - 3Kg     

Extra Strength Hoof & Coat Support for All Horses

For horses needing support in short-term hoof repair or the long-term maintenance of hoof, skin and coat health.



They are the very foundation of your horse. And the foundation of the hooves themselves is nutrition. Minerals, vitamins and amino acids are required to put together the building blocks of strong, robust hooves. And these same nutrients are needed to protect the hooves from infection. Or to repair any physical damage that may occur.

This means nutrition for the hooves is actually the foundation of your horse!


Australian forages, and the way we feed actually damage the hooves! Here is how:

  • 90%+ of Australian forages are too low in zinc and copper to maintain good hoof health.
  • High grain, low forage diets shift hindgut bacterial populations and reduce the natural production of B-vitamins including biotin, folic acid and vitamin B6.
  • Low quality ‘protein meals’ in diets leave horses amino acid deficient.

The result? Poor quality hooves that are slow growing, weak, brittle, split easily and are highly susceptible to abscess and infection.

The Solution? Hoof Health Plus. With its double-action hoof support, Hoof Health Plus provides the nutrients your horse needs for short term hoof repair and long-term hoof maintenance.



Unlike the hooves, your horse’s coat is not foundational. Your horse can have a poor coat and still seem ok! But, the coat is like a window to your horse’s inner health. Poor coat on the outside tells you something is not right on the inside!

For example, copper and zinc are required for coat colour and health. But they are also required for immune function, hoof health, joint health and many normal metabolic functions. So if your horse’s coat is dull or bleached, this is likely telling you your horse is deficient in copper and zinc. And that poor coat heath is not the only issue!

Hoof Health Plus can help!

Hoof Health Plus will help to meet your horses’ copper and zinc requirements as well as provide vitamin B6 for healthy skin. The result… a gleaming coat on the outside and long-term health on the inside!

Hoof Health Plus ingredients for Super Healthy Hooves & Coat!

Biotin – for improved hoof hardness and increased hoof growth rate. Hoof Health Plus is an extra strength formulation with 40 mg/ 75 g dose to give you the best results! (Most supplements only provide 20 mg biotin/dose.)

Methionine – Methionine deficiency restricts proper hoof formation, resulting in weak, slow growing hooves. Again with extra strength, Hoof Health Plus provides 6 grams of methionine/75 g dose (most other supplements provide 3 grams of methionine or less per dose).

Organic Zinc – Without correct supplementation, most horse diets are deficient in zinc. Organic zinc is added to Hoof Health Plus to assist with maintaining the integrity of the hooves, skin and coat plus zinc will support immune function and assist with the healing of hoof wounds.

Organic Copper – Other hoof products often contain high levels of zinc without additional copper. Adding zinc to a diet without adding copper can unbalance the critical zinc to copper ratio and create copper deficiency. Plus, most horse diets are already deficient in copper. Organic copper is added to Hoof Health Plus to maintain the copper to zinc ratio and meet your horse’s copper requirement. Copper plays a role in bringing out rich coat colour and maintains the health of the skin and joints.

Folic Acid – supporting general metabolism and new cell formation, folic acid is included to support the cell formation process crucial for the growth of new hoof tissue.

Vitamin B6 – needed for normal, healthy skin, vitamin B6 is added to ensure your horse’s requirement for this critical vitamin is met. Vitamin B6 will be particularly useful for supporting horses who have had any sort of hindgut disturbance.

Yeast Prebiotic - assists the long-term health of hooves, skin and coat by supporting normal gut-health for natural microbial biotin, folic acid and vitamin B6 production.

Feeding Rates & Directions

Ponies (up to 350 kg) – 50 g/day

Horses (up to 650 kg) – 75 g/day

Heavy Horses (over 650 kg) – 100 g/day

  • Feed as part of a balanced diet including ample forage
  • Introduce into a ration gradually over 14 days
  • Where possible, divide the daily dose into two meals per day
  • Follow the feeding rates above to provide the correct amount based on bodyweight


Nutrition Information


Lucerne leaf meal, yeast prebiotic, calcium carbonate, methionine, dicalcium phosphate, soy protein concentrate, canola oil and Hoof Health Plus vitamin & mineral premix, including organic copper, organic zinc and biotin.


* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you do not see any improvement in your horse's hooves after feeding the Hoof Health Plus at the recommended rate for 60 days, we will refund the purchase price in full (excludes postage).

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