Base-500 (10 x 25g sachets)

This carton of 10 X 25g sachets will last one horse for 10 months. WHAT IS BASE-500? BASE-500 is designed for all horses as a preventative and management solution for horses that are prone to azoturia (Tying-up). A unique mix...

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This carton of 10 X 25g sachets will last one horse for 10 months.


BASE-500 is designed for all horses as a preventative and management solution for horses that are prone to azoturia (Tying-up). A unique mix of scientific proven ingredients that will assist with eliminating and preventing this deliberating condition in horses, BASE-500 has been formulated with the professional assistance of equine nutritionists. Using only premium vitamins and minerals for an all-inclusive approach in combating muscle disorders and pain, our nutritional team has included pH buffer active ingredients that maintain the lactic acid threshold for longer periods. BASE-500 can be used as a preventative measure for horses prone to Tying-up, also with regular exercise, daily turnout and diet it has been possible for many affected horses to return to competition.



BASE – 500’s proven scientific formula is a highly concentrated blend of Selenium and Vitamins A, E and B1. Introducing BASE -500 only ONCE EVERY 28 DAYS is enough to be an effective vitamin, mineral and Ph buffer supplement to treat and, more importantly, help prevent tying up and muscle damage. In addition, BASE – 500 optimum balance of specific vitamins and minerals further assists in reducing the incidence of tying up, whilst also helping prevent muscle fatigue, as caused by lactic acid build up and mineral deficiency.

It’s important to understand what tying up is and how it can be ‘triggered’ in your horse.

By incorporating BASE – 500 every 28 days into your feeding and management regimes, tying up can be kept to a minimum in your stable. In chronic cases you can use Base – 500 once every 14 days until condition improves.



BASE – 500 assists with the following:

  • Complete – contains all the necessary nutrients at optimum levels to help control tying up and muscle fatigue
  • Effective – reduces cortisol levels and lactic acid to help prevent tying up and muscle fatigue
  • Horses wellbeing
  • Training benefits
  • Improve endurance
  • Improves length of stride in horses



  • Racing and Performance Horses
  • Endurance Horses
  • Dressage and Pleasure Horses
  • *May assist with Racing Camels



Also known as tying-up, set-fast, or, scientifically as equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome (ERS), occurs when their is a disturbance of muscle function, best linked with muscle cramp, which can happen very quickly without warning when a horse is being exercised.

Symptoms of Azoturia in Horses:

All Amacron products under go vigorous laboratory and field tests prior to market launch. Test studies show that Gammazol 2000 assists with the following:

  • Muscles of the hindquarters feel hot and firm
  • The horse may be unwilling to go, taking short steps and feeling unsteady or stiff on his back legs
  • In severe cases the horse seizes up and cannot move
  • The horse collapses and is unable to stand; this can also be confused with colic
  • Blood profile returns with a high reading of CPK and AST

When horses muscles begin to hurt this alarms the horse causing a raised pulse and a slight increase in temperature. The muscle pain can prevent the horse standing in the normal stance to stale and the horse frequently attempts to urinate. The urine may be a dark brown or red brown colour if the horse has serve muscle damage.

Immediate Actions and Treatments:

  • If you suspect Azoturia in your horse you must stop and let the horse rest
  • If you suspect the horse has been tying-up walk the horse until the condition subsides.
  • Encourage the horse to drink. Fluids will help flush out the kidneys and reduce the problems associated with muscle breakdown.
  • If the horse starts to produce Ribena-coloured urine, seek veterinary help.
  • Keep the horse warm.
  • At home, the horse should be put in a paddock with clean fresh water and fed hey.
  • In very rare cases, when the horse cannot move or cant even stand, contact your vet immediately. This is an emergency situation, if your vet cannot arrive within 20min don’t hesitate to give 15mL Bute paste (if available).
  • Remove all heavy grains from diet until your horse is assessed.

Once a horse has had an episode of azoturia, future management can be discussed with your vet. The complicated question is how to avoid this condition in the first place. Some horses, especially excitable young fillies, seem more prone to tying-up, but the reality is that it can happen in any horse that is over fed and under worked.



BASE – 500 contains no prohibited substances. Rules of racing must be observed in each respective country.



10 x 25g sachets



Mild cases: 1 x sachet (25g) every 28 days. Can be mixed with feed, or mixed with a drench.

Chronic cases If condition is serious you may administer once every 14 days until condition has improved.



Sodium Selenite 2g/kg, Vitamin E 128g/kg, Vitamin A 256g/kg, Vitamin B1 96g/kg, includes buffer.



Keep product in a cool dark place. Do not freeze. Do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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