✔ Get a waft of steamed hay and you will want to eat it yourself!

✔ Steaming hay not only reduces 99% of respirable dust, mold, fungi and bacteria in hay and haylage but it makes it more palatably with horses choosing steamed hay over dry hay or haylage.

✔ Haygain hay steamers are used and recommended for palatability by world-class riders, trainers,veterinarians and scientists globally.

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Increasing Forage Intake

Horses love the smell and taste of freshly steamed hay!

Four independent palatability studies demonstrated that steamed hay was more palatable, was on most occasions the preferred choice over dry hay and haylage, and could increase the voluntary forage intake compared to dry and soaked hay.

Peasebrook Equine Clinic, Gloucestershire, use the Haygain Steamer to render their hay dust free and to improve the palatability. Most of the in-patients are on box rest or are in light exercise. It is vital that the clinic can provide them with clean palatable fiber that will not make them too lively. Increasing the moisture intake of the horse via steamed hay is another important advantage and sick horses are often reluctant to eat and so the enhanced palatability of steamed hay is very helpful.


Three World Cup Finals, Nations Cup Team Member

"Ever since Luebbo's been on the Haygain, he hasn't coughed at all! I was shocked by how fast I saw a difference. His appetite has improved dramatically too - he used to leave a lot of hay waste in his stall. With Haygain steamed hay, he eats every piece we feed him!"

how Haygain steamer works Haygain hay steamers how Haygain steamer works

More Benefits of Steaming Hay

Palatability is just one of the many benefits of steaming hay with Haygain. Haygain Steamers eliminate 99% of dust, mold, bacteria and fungi but maintain the nutritional value and increase the water content of the forage.

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