Curragh Carron Oil (Linseed) and Plusvital Hoofcare - Exclusive offer page

We just spoke on the phone and I said I would send you some information on the Linseed feeding oil with pH balancer, also I am including some information on the Plusvital Hoof Oil which is a unique blend of oils and resins for maintenance of healthy hooves.
Have a look at this video explanation below and please let me know if you have any questions. 

Watch the video explaining the benefit of using Curragh Carron oil.


 Watch the Video explaining the benefits of the Plusvital Hoofcare


We have worked out a really good introductory offer for you.

This is your introductory offer, for your first order of these products only:

20 Litre Curragh Carron oil -  $183

2.5 Litre Plusvital Hoofcare - $97

Total for both = $280 Including GST


Your introductory price = $200 Including GST (for both items)


Read More about Curragh Carron oil:


Read More about Plusvital Hoofcare:

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