Ten Facts About The Universe And Supplements For Horses

Ten Facts About The Universe And Supplements For Horses
Authored By Kelvin Sobey
  1. B-Vitamins can be produced in the horses gut.
  2. Amino Acids are essential for building muscle and 10 of them need to supplied in the horses diet
  3. Prebiotics are not Probiotics. Probiotics are the bacteria and Prebiotics are the food for the bacteria.
  4. Horses are trickle feeders
  5. Selenium is essential for horses and may be lacking in their diet, however too much selenium is toxic
  6. Giving horses vitamin supplementation in excess of recommended levels will not lead to improved performance
  7. Biotin is an essential supplement for healthy hooves and hair growth
  8. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, working to reduce free radicals which can cause cell damage
  9. Bioflavonoids are compounds extracted from plants and fruits that have antioxidant properties
  10. Factors such as parasites can influence vitamin absorption, it is important to maintain a good worming programme


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