Ulcer Management

Reduce your ulcer treatment expenditure:

At present most trainers use an Omeprazole-based treatment, this product is amazing and works really well.

However, this costs about $9.46 per day per horse for a treatment dose and $2.36  for a maintenance dose per day per horse.

An option which many trainers are now finding can save them money and improve their horses digestive health is you can continue to feed the Omeprazole product to the horses that really need it, (bad ulcer horses), which will not be your whole stable. Then feed the Gut Health Plus to the rest of your horses to maintain their gut in good condition, and introduce the Gut Health Plus to all new horses into your stable from day 1.

The Gut Health Plus costs $3.65 per day ($365 per 10Kg bucket, fed at 100g per day) The price can be reduced if you purchase the trainers pack.

What we are finding is that less horses develop severe ulceration whilst on the Gut Health Plus, therefore much less of your horses ever require the Omeprazole treatment dose. 

Overall this saves you a lot of money in the long run.

However, saving money is only one benefit. The Gut Health Plus also contains prebiotics, therefore helping the hind gut which is not currently treated with regular ulcer treatments.

Gut Health Plus is a pellet that you add into the feed at a rate of 50grams, morning and 50 grams evening. It works in a number of different ways to help reduce acid buildup, protect the stomach and improve hindgut health.


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