Skin Conditions

Forage is the largest part of a horse's diet and it can also be the biggest source of skin allergies.

Haygain hay steamers reduce 99% of airborne respirable dust, mold, fungi and bacteria in hay and haylage which can help horses who are sensitive or suffering from allergies.

Haygain hay steamers are used and recommended for skin allergies by world-class riders, trainers, veterinarians and scientists globally.

Helping the Sensitive Horse

Horses can become allergic to things they eat, inhale and touch or through insect bite hypersensitivity.Researchers Lanz et al at the University of Bern found there is a risk that horses suffering from one allergy at a certain point in time may develop other allergies in the future. Their study also showed horses with insect bite hypersensitivity had increased airway hypersensitivity even without showing symptoms of equine asthma at that time.

So if your horse is sensitive or suffers from allergies, feeding steamed hay would help reduce this increased risk of developing Equine Asthma and other allergies.

When it comes to both allergies and the general health of horses it is important to minimize exposure to respirable dust and allergens where possible; forage is the largest part of the horse’s diet; it’s also a major source. Control exposure by using a Haygain Hay Steamer.

Margie Engle


3 Pan American Games Medals, 1 World Equestrian Games Medal and 10 American GP Association Rider of the Year. 

“It has so many benefits for horses with allergies. Along with better breathing, my horse’s allergy-related skin conditions cleared up, too.” 

how Haygain steamer works Haygain hay steamers how Haygain steamer works

More Benefits of Steaming Hay

Palatability is just one of the many benefits of steaming hay with Haygain. Haygain Steamers eliminate 99% of dust, mold, bacteria and fungi but maintain the nutritional value and increase the water content of the forage.

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