Digestive Health

Stabled horses are exposed to high levels of dust, mold, fungi and bacteria in hay which can cause serious digestive health issues.

Steaming hay with Haygain reduces 99% of airborne respirable dust, mold, fungi and bacteria in hay and haylage helping to compact against digestive problems.

Haygain hay steamers are used and recommended for digestive health by world-class riders, trainers,veterinarians and scientists globally..


Preventing mild digestive issues can significantly reduce a horse’s susceptibility to more severe problems such as colic and ulcers.

Feeding plenty of long-stemmed, steamed forage will help to reduce the risk of digestive problems in two ways, firstly by improving the hygienic quality and secondly by increasing the amount of water intake


TEAM USA Olympic Show Rider
I recognized the importance of taking the bacteria and dust out of the hay...The value of steamed hay was never something I needed to be convinced of


Research by Kaya et al (2009) showed that horses fed poor hygienic quality hay are significantly more susceptible to colic than those fed clean hay.

Steaming hay cleans hay and prevents any bacteria, fungi, mold and dust from being ingested.

Wren Burnely

"I also recommend Haygain in my practice for horses with respiratory and skin allergies, COPD, poor appetite and colic issues."


Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) frequently referred to as gastric ulcers in horses is a common problem among domesticated horses. Symptoms include poor appetite, loss of performance and weight loss. Any period of low forage intake can lead to increased gastric acidity and a risk of ulcers.

Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp

TEAM USA Event Rider CCI4*

"When my 4* horse, Deniro Z, was diagnosed with gastric ulcers we knew that gut health for him was even more important. I immediately got in touch with Haygain ...his performance and health has improved and we now have all of our horses enjoying steamed hay every day.

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More Benefits of Steaming Hay

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Digestive health is just one of the many benefits of steaming hay with Haygain. Haygain Steamers eliminate 99% of dust, mold, bacteria and fungi but maintain the nutritional value and increase the water content of the forage.

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