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    Horse Shelter

    Does your property provide protection such as tree belts that horses naturally seek out? The Acermax shelter is designed to give essential shade for direct sun, and shelter from inclement weather.

    outdoor paddock shelters


    Paddock Shelter with horse

    Steel Horse Shelters

    Framing and cladding are pre-cut to length to allow easy and quick assembly in the field. Supplied fully in kit form.

    Supplied with Formply kickboard lining, the Acermax Shelter offers a robust, permanent solution to a basic need.

    Sizes available:


    AO3030 - 3m (W) X 3m (D) $3180 Incl. GST
    AO3730 - 3.75m (W) X 3m (D) $3293 Incl. GST
     AO3737 - 3.75m (W) X 3.75m (D) $3517 Incl. GST


    Wall heights are the same on all models: 2.7m Front and 2.4m Back.

    Download Installation Instructions

    Due to the size and weight of this item we will have to quote on freight, click here to GET FREIGHT QUOTE


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