Durabale Poly Round Bale Feeder

4 Segment Large Poly Round Bale Feeder – Durabale

2000mm diameter x 1545mm high Complete with Roof - $2390

Durabale Poly Round Bale Feeder

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The Round Bale Feeder is an extremely sturdy feeder consisting of 4 quarters and optional roof which are latched together with 8 heavy duty galvanised lynch pins. Each wall Quarter is moulded individually, resulting in a double skin wall section with central air space which in turn reduces radiant heat onto bale and has a contoured profile with an excellent strength.

The “Z-shaped” truss reduces wastage by 30% compared to the other designs on the market. Stock twist head before backing out therefore feed falls inside the feeder, not outside, with the lower apron further contributing to huge waste savings and contamination.


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